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Wudang Qigong
in detail

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DVD Features:

  • Multiple Angles Form

  • English and Chinese

  • Language audio

  • Interview with Master Liu

  • Access all movements by menu

  • Form and detail breakdown


Brief Description of Wudang Qigong

- Wudang Qigong has a very long history. Its history is several hundred years old. My teacher was Master Pei Xirong. He learned from a Taoist monk named Xu Benshan. He learned Wudang Qigong in addition to other Wudang Martial Art styles. Wudang Qigong concentrates on exercising the main 14 acupuncture meridians. Chinese Qigong is divided into two main categories of practice. The first is sitting or still Qigong. The second is moving Qigong. Wudang Qigong has both of these in its practice.


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