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Traditional Chinese Kung Fu DVDs by Master Liu xiaoling

Liu He Ba Fa  is an ancient Chinese martial art, seldom seen in the West. Beautiful to watch, the performer appears to move with gentle softness through the form.  hence Liuhe Bafa has also been called "Water Boxing".

Liu He Ba Fa DVD    front_dvd (12K)

Liu He Ba Fa DVD Combo

WuDang Qigong has a very long history. Its history is several hundred years old.   Chinese Qigong is divided into two main categories of practice. The first is sitting or still Qigong. The second is moving Qigong. Wudang Qigong has both of these in its practice.

WuDang Qigong DVDQigong

WuDang Qigong DVD Combo

Xing-I quan 5Fists is one of the major internal (neijia) Chinese martial arts. The 5 Element Fists (wu xing or 5 xing) are the foundation for building speed, Power, breathing, and stamina. The practice of these 5 exercises is designed to develop a martial artists skill and understanding of Chinese Kung Fu.

Xing-I quan 5Fists DVD

Xing-I quan 5Fists DVD Combo

32 Tai Ji Sword combines the principles of taijiquan and swordsmanship. Its movements are graceful and slow and continuous like taijiquan, while the techniques teach offensive and defensive fighting skills.The practice of taiji sword will help to increase flexibility and strength and enhance the mind-body connection and overall well-being. 

32 Tai Ji Sword DVD

32 Tai Ji Sword DVD Combo

Liu he ba fa on Youtube



Liu Xiaoling performed the first part of liuhebafa at a liuhebafa conference in Huainan,

 Anhui Province, China on November 30, 2007

Master Liu Xiao Ling Wudang Long Men Martial Arts Copyright 2007