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Hua, son of Wu Yi Hui.



Brief Description of Liuhe Bafa

Liuhe Bafa" emphasizes unifying the movements and structure of the body with the minds intent (Liu He), and in application using the eight methods (Bafa)....I feel that this is a truly superior martial art. So now, I would like to introduce Liuhe Bafa to martial arts enthusiasts in America, so that they can practice it as well as experience a set which contains the essence of the internal arts. - Sifu Liu Xiao Ling.

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DVD Features:

  • Multiple Angles Form
  • English / Chinese audio
  • Interview with Master Liu
  • Access all movements by menu
  • Selected self-defense applications
  • Form and Detail breakdown
  • All this and more!


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Liu He Ba Fa on YouTube


The above photograph shows Master Liu Xiaoling, his wife Yan Jingqing,
Mr. Wu Yinghua (Son of Wu Yi Hui), his wife Ni Shuying and his son in law Wang Hui
Welcome Mr. Wu Yinghua dinner on July 23rd,2008 at MD

Master Liu went conference in Huainan, Anhui Province, China on November 30, 2007.
Master Liu, Master Mao
Liu xiaoling and Master Guo RuiXiang
Liu xiaoling and Den Zhifang, his students Camille. Kangping, Christine, Ron, Roots

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