Zhuan Chuan (Drilling)

Pao Chuan (Pounding)


Hun Chuan (Crossing)

Beng Chuan (Smashing or Crushing)


Xing means the shape and it comes first. Yi means the mind’s intent which is developed later. However, as you become proficient your mind’s intent will respond more quickly. As your mind and movements become coordinated, your response to an attack will become second nature.

- Sifu Liu Xiaoling


This DVD and its content are Copyright 2007, in entirety and part, by WuDang Martial Arts and Xiaoling Liu

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Xing yi quan 5 Element fists; Hsing i; Xing-i; Wu xing;5 xing

Xing yi quan is one of the major “internal” (neijia) Chinese martial arts. Xing yi quan translates approximately to “Shape/Mind Boxing”, and is characterized by seemingly simple movements and explosive power. The 5 Element Fists (wu xing or 5 xing) are the foundation for building speed, Power, breathing, and stamina. The practice of these 5 exercises is designed to develop a martial artist’s skill and understanding of Chinese Kung Fu.Master Liu Xioaling is a highly skilled and respected teacher of Xingyiquan, and is well known in his native China for his skill and excellent instruction in this traditional Chinese art.

About this DVD:

The DVD is broken up by each of the 5 elements with English subtitles and English voiceover. (Pi, Zuan, Beng, Pao, and Heng.) each one has a submenu containing these categories: Introduction; Front view; Legwork/stepping Hand details; Dantian movement/Breathing; Line Drill w/Variations. There is also a SanTi standing section that contains similar details plus theory. In the applications section there is a submenu for each of the 5 Fists they include many strikes, parry, and takedowns. There is one particular take down towards the end involving Heng Quan or crossing countering a kick that is real

DVD use guide:

1. Just wanted to let people know how to switch languages when they are viewing a multi language DVD with   English voiceover: In your DVD remote control there is an "audio" or "language" button. So when you are watching the DVD you can easily toggle Chinese and English voiceover by just pressing this button.
2. The interview section is the only part that doesn't have English voiceover. But all the instructions have it.
3. Also, we've been asked if this is a DVD-R burned disc and the answer is NO. This is a factory replicated DVD just like the ones you would buy at the store. So if you can play Pirates of the Caribbean, Then you can play this DVD.

 Xing yi quan 5 Element Fists on Youtube

Xing yi quan 5 Element Fists on Youtube



Hebei Hsing-I

This DVD and its content are Copyright 2007, in entirety and part, by WuDang Martial Arts and Xiaoling Liu